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9 Tips to Film a Great Video Tour of Your Rental

System - Friday, July 9, 2021

Marketing your rental is no longer limited to physical viewing. In some respect, the digital trend has made it easier for property owners to advertise their property even more. For one thing, you don’t have to adjust your schedule for a property showing. Second, the reach of virtual tours is much wider than individual showings.

Initially, it might feel intimidating to create a digital tour of your rental, especially if you are doing it for the first time. With a few useful tips to be outlined in this article, you can start your own. You don’t have to spend a lot on making a video tour. All you need is patience and an open mind to learn.

9 Tips to Film the Best Video Tour of Your Rental

Whether you are using a camera or your smartphone to film a rental tour, here are some universal suggestions for coming up with an engaging virtual property tour:

1. Start with planning the best route for filming.

Planning can help you save time prior to rolling the video camera. The flow of filming will be smooth and decisive. You won’t need to repeatedly shoot a particular part of the rental home. 

A few pointers for planning a route:

  • Throwing the doors of the rental wide open so impediments are removed while walking around. You’re also unlikely to experience any interruptions seeing as you won’t be moving an obstacle out of the way.

  • Mind the flow of your video. Film from the exteriors then move inside. Prospective renters are keen to view the curb appeal and displaying the entrance path can satisfy this curiosity. They also want to know the distances or have a good estimate so it’s important to film outside the rental.

  • Take time when filming and pause now and then. People want to gain a feel of the place and lingering can help them do so. Every rental home exudes a vibe and trying to capture that on film can lead to more interest in your property.

  • Showcase the best features of your rental in the first minutes rather than leaving it at the last part of the video. You want to impress the viewers and raise their engagement. Film the rooms in such a way that the layout can be estimated including the room size. 

Video tour with phone

2. Remember that natural lighting is your ally.

Have you noticed that photoshoots done outside tend to look better than those indoors? Natural light is brighter and makes objects glow. Try to film during the golden hours so natural light streams in. It makes your video tour more attractive. Open the doors and windows to let the light flood in. Move the curtains and draperies aside to allow more light to shine through.

3. Film in landscape.

Film in horizontal format. This provides the viewers with plenty of details and makes it easy for them to gauge the size and layout of the property. Going vertical can distort some frames and present an inaccurate measure of your rental’s size, especially if you are filming with your phone. The best thing about filming in landscape mode is the cinematic element. It can also leave a lot of viewing room for the audience.

4. Keep the video tour brief.

As tempting as it is to make the property video lengthy, it can work against you. You don’t want to risk boredom. Shorter videos are watched more frequently since only a small investment of time is required. It also makes it easy for the viewers to rewatch and zoom in on the particular video segment they’re interested in. Ideally, a video should be less than 3 minutes if possible.

5. Record slowly and be mindful of each filming take.

Place yourself in the viewer’s shoes. They want to take in the details. Rather than shooting at a quick speed, scan the rental slowly. Choose nice angles and place yourself in a corner spot to maximize capturing the entire area. 

Filming virtual tours

6. Accommodate any viewer requests.

Once interest is sparked, viewers may contact you for a more detailed look. They may also ask for a live view to be sent to them. Grant the requests and you might just turn a potential tenant into a new renter.

7. Incorporate good audio.

Even if the visuals are good, it can fall flat if the audio is weak. Choose a strong narrator with a well-modulated voice. If you plan to include some background music, make sure that it’s not too loud. If the music overpowers the video, it can leave viewers distracted and unable to continue watching the rest of the video tour. Pick generic music rather than popular ones.

8. Create a good video introduction.

Use a direct approach when doing an introduction. Talk about what to expect and present the best features right away. Avoid leaving the best for last since your objective is keeping the engagement high. Don’t forget to add captions so people can read and understand better.

9. Stage the room.

Furnished rooms look better on video. This helps the audience visualize living in that specific space. Keep the rental neat and tidy to grab the attention of the viewers. Good lighting must be available and clutter eliminated. Placing even a little distraction in the viewpoint can lead to the audience becoming unfocused. Attention is crucial and you achieve this by filming a video flawlessly. For tips on showing an occupied unit, check out our post here!

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Final Thoughts

Video tours are effective marketing tools since they can be a dynamic way of presenting your rental unit. It doesn’t mean giving up on using property photos as a marketing tool though. Each has its own appeal, and you need both to entice your viewers to book an actual property showing.

The best thing about video tours is they can easily filter those who are really interested from those who are hesitant. This means you’ll be handling more engaged prospects who book a property showing.

Just keep in mind that your video tour must be well distributed to reach a huge audience. The more the video is shared, the more views it gets. Thus, interest is racked up higher compared to rentals with no virtual tours.

The benefits of a professional property management company, like Onsite Property Management, are professional video resources, as well as a wider reach to prospective tenants. Contact us today to find out how we can help you find tenants for your rental!

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