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Firework Safety

System - Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It’s the Fourth of July! We all know what that means. Barbeques, beer, fireworks, and celebrating our great country. While this is one of the most festive holidays of the year and we want everyone to have a great time, there are some safety aspects you need to know.

  1. Fire Bans: Depending on how dry the weather has been, individual counties will put fire bans into place. This includes fireworks. Be sure to check your local area to make sure that you can light fireworks of your own. If there is a ban in place, go to one of the area’s many public fireworks displays.
  2. Laws: Fireworks are so popular that people will often start shooting them off before the 4th, and continue to shoot them off after the 4th has passed. While this may seem fun, it may not be legal. Be sure to check your neighborhood, city, and county laws to determine what days and times fireworks are allowed, as well where you can launch them from.
  3. Pet Safety: The Fourth of July is the biggest intake time for shelters across the country. Pets don’t understand that fireworks are just fun. For them, it can sound like the end of the world! Often pets will try to run away to find a safe place during this time. Be sure your fences are secure, or better yet, don’t let your pet outside off leash. Be sure not to take your pet to a fireworks show with you. Lastly, it may be best to put your pet in a kennel or quiet room with plenty of blankets, food and water, toys, a radio playing soothing sounds, and one of many collars, vests, and other products made to help soothe pets during stressful times.

Keeping these things in mind, get out there and enjoy the Fourth!