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Halloween Saftey

System - Monday, October 8, 2018

It’s October, which means it’s officially spooky season. The weather’s cooling off, the leaves are changing, and Halloween is right around the corner. Dressing up as their favorite character and going trick or treating is one of most kids’ favorite things about Halloween. But as a parent, it can be hard to determine what is a safe activity and what can be a little scary. Here are our suggestions to make sure your family has a fun, safe Halloween.

  1. Make sure costumes are safe. Whether or not your kids are old enough to be out by themselves, make sure their costumes are safe. Reflective tape and stickers are a great way to ensure cars can see you. Make sure they have a flashlight or glow sticks, if reflective tape isn’t enough. This goes both ways, too. If you are out driving, be extra careful and watch for kids who may be less noticable. It’s also important to make sure costumes are fire-resistant. Candles are often part of spooky decorations, and you want to ensure you are safe.
  2. Be sure your kids know Trick or Treating safety. This includes not entering the homes of people they don’t, not accepting rides from strangers, and not eating homemade goods that they get at someone’s door. Once your kids are home safely, check all their candy to make sure it’s factory wrapped and hasn’t been tampered with.
  3. Check your treats. While tampering with Halloween candy is rare, it’s important to check all candy your kids get, just to be safe. Many of these candies also contain allergens, so if you child has an allergy, mark their bag or have them ask for items containing none of what they’re allergic to. Even if you take these precautions, it’s still important to check ingredients labels to ensure your child won’t have a reaction.
  4. Ensure your home is welcoming to Trick or Treaters. Remove items like hoses or gardening tools that a small child could trip over. Make sure your outdoor lights are on. Consider an artificial candle instead of an open flame in any jack-o-lanterns. Keep your pets inside. If you don’t plan on handing out candy, leave your porch light off so Trick or Treaters know not to knock on your door.