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Staying Compliant with your HOA During the Holidays

System - Monday, December 3, 2018

Everyone loves holiday decorations, and it’s never any fun when someone tells what you can and can’t put up. But when you decide to live in an HOA, you agree to follow their rules. There are a few things to keep in mind when decorating for Christmas to make sure you remain compliant with your HOA.

Know what you can put up

Some HOAs have rules against “gaudy” or “distasteful” decorations. But what does that really mean? Whether something is tasteful or not is a matter of opinion. Be sure to carefully read all your HOA’s rules and regulations, and when in doubt contact the HOA to make sure your planned decorations are compliant. If your HOA rules are vague, you’re likely safe to put up whatever decorations you like. But be forewarned, you may end up battling your HOA over the decorations and/or associated fines or fees.

Know when you can put decorations up

When you can put up decorations and how long you can leave them up is always a question. Again, double check the HOA rules to see if there are strict guidelines that dictate the times that decorations are allowed. If there are no specific dates given, a good rule of thumb is to not put holiday decorations up until after Thanksgiving, and to take them down the first week of January.

Ensure your decorations are safe

While it’s likely not written into your HOA rules that decorations have to be safe, you should definitely ensure they are. Make sure everything you’re using is approved for outdoor use, including extension cords and power strips. If your decorations are a hazard to your home, they’re a hazard to the entire HOA.